Unit 13 Lớp 11: Writing


By the end of the lesson, students will be able khổng lồ write a short paragraph about collection


Stages Contents Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

8’ ** Warm up





Keys: stamps, dolls, books, old money - Dividing the whole class into 2 groups

- Asking students to lớn think about things people usually collect

- Asking the two groups think of them in 3 minutes

- Asking students to lớn go to write down their opinion on the board

- Correcting

- Declaring the winner

- Thinking

- Working in groups

- Writing down the answers

- Taking notes


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Trường: thpt Phạm Hùng GVHD: Cô Nguyễn Ngọc Minh TâmLớp: 11/2. Môn: giờ đồng hồ AnhHọ với tên GSh: Nguyễn Duy ThanhTiết: MSSV: 7086609Ngày 16 mon 3 thời điểm năm 2012 LESSON PLANUNIT 13: HOBBIESLESSON: WRITINGObjective:By the over of the lesson, students will be able to lớn write a short paragraph about collectionTime/StagesContentsTeacher’s activitiesStudents’ activities8’** Warm upBrainstormingcollectionpenstoyscoinsKeys: stamps, dolls, books, old money- Dividing the whole class into 2 groups- Asking students lớn think about things people usually collect- Asking the two groups think of them in 3 minutes- Asking students to go lớn write down their opinion on the board- Correcting - Declaring the winner- Thinking - Working in groups- Writing down the answers- Taking notesLead in- What do you like collecting?Why?- khổng lồ day we continue unit 13, lesson Writing. We’ll write about someone’s collectionPre- Writing12’Task 1: Work in groups of 4 khổng lồ discuss the following questionsWhat bởi vì you like collecting?How bởi vì you collect them?Why bởi vì you collect them?When have you started lớn collect? How do you organize them?What is your plan in future?Suggested answers :1. I like collecting books2. I bought them in book stalls3. Because they make our mind widen.4. I’ve started since 20095. I put them in the bookshelf6. I think I’ll widen my collectionSuggested outline:1.Name of your collection 2. When you started your collection3. How you collect them4. How you keep them5. How you classify them6. Why you collect them7. Your plan for the future - Asking students to size groups of 4- Running through the task- Asking students khổng lồ work in groups in 6 minutes.- Asking students to lớn write down their answers on the board- Correcting theirs - Introducing outline khổng lồ students- Forming groups of 4- Taking notes- Working in groups- Writing down the answers- Taking notes- Taking notesWhile- Writing15’Task 2: Write a complete paragraph about stamp collection- Asking students khổng lồ work in groups of 4- Asking students khổng lồ write a paragraph in 10 minutes- Asking groups to show their articles on the board- Forming groups of 4- Writng - Showing their articlesPost-Writing10’Model articleMy hobby is collecting stamps. I collected stamps 6 years ago.I have been collecting both local stamps and foreign stamps from the letters of friends và relatives.I classify the stamps into categories. I put stamps of animals, flowers, birds.on different pages.I keep them in two albums, one for local and the other for foreign ones.Collecting stamps help khổng lồ broaden my knowledge about the world around me và it is also an effective way to lớn be good at geography.I plan khổng lồ join the stamp exhibitions khổng lồ learn from experienced stamp collectors & I can expose my collection at an exhibition in the future.- Correcting students’ achievements- Showing the mã sản phẩm writing- Taking notesHomeworkRewriting your hobby at home- Asking students to rewrite their own article at home- Taking notesDuyệt của GVHDCMLong Hồ, ngày 10 tháng 3 năm 2012Người soạnNguyễn Ngọc Minh trọng tâm Nguyễn Duy Thanh