What Kind Of Movie Do You Like And Why

ComedyAnimationActionDramaRomanceHorrorScience fictionSuspense (Thriller)WesternCommentary / Non-Fiction
1. Comedy.2. I love comedy.3. I love/watch comedy movies/films.4. I love/watch comedies. 5. I love/watch movies with comedy.

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When you answer and talk about genres you can simply say ‘comedy’ or ‘I love comedy.’ But if you start talking, you can say lượt thích # 3,4.If you are confused about comedy/comedies/comedy movies, you can say like #5

Animation 1. Animation.2. I love animation.3. I love/watch animated movies/films.4. I love/watch animation movies/films.5. I love/watch motion pictures.(outdated language)6. I love/watch cartoons.(Usually means 30-minute television programs, rather than movies)

Drama1. Drama2. I love/watch drama3. I love/watch dramas.4. I love/watch drama movies/films.5. I love/watch movies with drama.

Action 1. Action.2. I love/watch kích hoạt movies/films3. I love/watch movies with action.

Horror1. Horror2. I love horror.3. I love/watch horror/scary movies/films.

Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)1. Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)2. I love/watch Science Fiction (Sci-Fi).3. I love/watch Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movies/films.

Romance1. Romance.2. I love/watch romance3. I love/watch thắm thiết movies/films.4. * I love/watch lãng mạn comedies. *5. I love romance movies (?)

Musical1. I love musicals.2. I love musical movies/films. 3. I love movie musicals.

Western1. I love westerns.2. I love western movies/films.3. I love cowboy movies/films.

Crime1. I love crime movies/films.2. I love gangster movies/films.3.I love detective movies/films.


1. I love epic movies.2.I love epics.

History (Historical?) 

1. I love history movies/films. (?)2. I love historical movies/fims.

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8. I love adventure movies.9. I love movies with suspense và drama.10. I love hero/super anh hùng movies.

* Epic movies are a large scale movies. The greats epics of all time are such as ‘Ben-hur’ ‘The mission’ ‘Gladiator’ ‘The lord of the rings’

* tear-jerky movies: Very sad movies*chick flicks: girly type of movies* movies with chase scenes* * movies with car chase scenes* movies with a twist** movies with a surprising (twist) ending

Why do you lượt thích … movies?I like them because…they make me cry. I love to lớn cry. Crying makes me feel better.they make me laugh. I love to lớn laugh.they let me escape the real world.I like being scared.they are exciting, not boring.they give me hopes & ideas for the future

Answers from the netWhat bởi vì you like better horror movies or comedy movies? (Yahoo Answers)

1. I like better comedy movies because horror movies now a days suck.2. Comedy, I suppose. 3. I love both but older horror movies are my favourite.4. I prefer comedy lớn horror. The horror genre these days isn’t really that good.5. I like both. It depends on my mood. Plus most horror movies are funny.6. Comedy movies because after that I can get happiness. 7. Horror, horror, horror

What kind of movies bởi vì you like? (Yahoo Answers 2)

1. Comedy! lol I love the movies lượt thích Superbad, I love you man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Those kinds movies are just the absolute best.2. I also love horror, because I don’t usually find it scary. Slasher films tend khổng lồ freak me out more. I love movies with suspense and drama as well. I’ll watch anything as long as it’s interesting. Hah3. Horror. All the way.4. I love adventure/action movies lượt thích National Treasure và Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman. I also really lượt thích funny movies và scary movies.5. I like horror films!!

What kind of movies vày you like to watch?Drama, Scary, Comedy, Romance? (Yahoo answers 3)

1. My first vote for comedy movies then scary movies, I don’t lượt thích drama type movies. Romance…..yeah little bit not more….2. I am a guy, so I watch guy movies when I am solo: drama, scary, comedy, action, no romance. If with a female, then alternate between girly và manly ones.

What kind of movies vì you like to watch? TED

1. I lượt thích to watch those kind of movies which have a good story line, a social message, a few witty dialogues, no melo-drama etc..personally I love the work of Christopher Nolan in films like Inception, Prestige, Insomnia và Memento…I love khổng lồ watch movies that forced me lớn use my brain and activate my thought process..but when I am in light hearted mood I watch comedy & hard core kích hoạt movies2. Documentaries about wildlife và science, Scifi, & cartoon type movies lượt thích Shrek. I am a kid at heart và have never stopped learning.3. My favorite films are usually comedies or something with a positive or uplifting message. I think it’s also important that the plot should keep moving forward.4. It depends on my mood.I love comedy films, I like to laugh at physical comedy, & everyday humor. I also like thriller và suspense, but only if the ending is not predictable, if I can predict it, then it wasn’t suspenseAnd I found a new love for movies that tell secrets, exposes, seems to lớn be a lot of those coming out lately.And who doesn’t lượt thích their fave comic books coming khổng lồ life?5. The movies I love are the ones that make me question my own existence. They’re the kind that wake me up and motivate me lớn think. I love foreign films, animé, cult films, và sci-fi, especially if there is an element of truth woven through the plot.6. I lượt thích comedies and crime thrillers.


Movie types

Action:Movies with lots of fighting, shooting, exploding, etc.“What kind of movie vày you like?”“I like action movies because they are fast paced.”“Action movies are my favorite.”“I lượt thích all the kích hoạt movies with a lot of guns.”

Drama:Everyone knows drama. Lượt thích Titanic & Schindler’s List“What type of movies vì chưng you like?”“I lượt thích all sorts of drama.”“I like movies that play with my emotion.”“Drama movies are great because they are the most realistic.”“The sad drama movies that make me cry.”

Comedy:Funny movies with many jokes or actors acting in a funny way.“I love all types of comedy because I love lớn laugh.”“Comedy is my favorite because it is very entertaining to me.”“I lượt thích comedy that makes fun of political things.”“Comedy is so hilarious that I always enjoy watching them.”

Romantic Comedy:Funny movies with a strong lãng mạn theme. Opposite to action because usually guys like action và the ladies like Romantic comedies.

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“Many people view lãng mạn comedy movies as chick-flicks.”Chick = girlFlick = movieChick-Flick = a girly type of movie; a movie a girl will like;‘take your girlfriend to’ type of movie… or something lượt thích that.“Romantic comedy is funny movies that involve a lot of romance.”“I love all the story lines of romantic comedy movies.”

Horror:Scary movies that will give you nightmares for 3 months.“When I was a little kid, I couldn’t sleep because of horror movies.”“Horror movies are not scary anymore.”“I have yet to lớn see a movie that really scares me.”“I hate horror movies because I cannot sleep.”“I always have nightmares after watching horror movies so I try to lớn avoid them.”

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My Questions) I asked questions about how lớn say movie genres và got great answers from Bruce, which triggered more questions here.When people answer the question ‘what kind of movies bởi you like?’ they say ‘ I lượt thích comedy, horror, action…’ or even just say ‘comedy, horror…’instead of ‘comedy movies, horror movies…’Q1) I think it is when they say about the genre. Am I right? Then ‘ I like comedy. Comedy movies make me happy’ sounds natural? or ‘I lượt thích comedy’ still sounds uncommon?Q2)Because it is slightly confusing at first (comedy movies/comedies but usually kích hoạt movies not actions) could it be alternative lớn teach like…I like movies with kích hoạt and comedy…or a little romance, etc?Q3) vày you say sci-fi movies as sci-fis?Answered by an American teacher)1. Yes, it ´s the genre, & only in answer khổng lồ a question. If you say, “I like comedy”, it means that you like things that make you laugh, not just movies. “I like action” is about life (and maybe sex), not movies. “I lượt thích horror” means you lượt thích things that scare you.2. Yes, that’s a good pan.3. I like sci-fi movies or I like sci-fi, never sci-fis You can say comedies or dramas, but not actions or sci-fis. Don ´t try to make sense of that. /span>