After homework và chores are done, there is a period of time before bedtime when your kids get bored và need something to vị for fun và to keep them busy. Khổng lồ help your kids stay entertained, we’ve compiled this danh mục of fun after school activities for kids!

Play a thể thao Outside.

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 Nothing is better for kids than physical activity! Double points if they’re playing with a group of friends & sharpening their social skills. Stock up on all the necessary supplies from your local store. Kids can play organized sports for their local YMCA or just with friends in a pickup game. Either way, getting moving outside is a great way lớn boost their moods & keep them healthy.

Study. One after school activity your child might not want to lớn do, but should, is khổng lồ study. This is especially necessary as kids get older & school workload increases. Spending ten to fifteen minutes practicing letter writing, reviewing spelling words, and getting prepared for the next day’s demo can cut down on bad grades & school stress.

Draw with Chalk. Let your little artist have a large canvas by drawing with chalk all over the driveway. There are tons of colors and styles khổng lồ keep them busy for hours (we love our Glitter Sidewalk Chalk set!). Try tracing each other & then filling in facial features and favorite clothes. Give your chalk family members accessories to lớn match their personality like a favorite toy, doll, or ball. Hopscotch is also a time tested classic outdoor game that is sure to lớn be a hit!

Blow Bubbles. Nothing widens a child’s eyes like a big, colorful bubble! You can get a large wand set or a bubble making machine! Don’t worry if you run out! Just phối a little water with some dish detergent và keep blowing. Try to lớn see if your child can pop all of the bubbles before they reach the ground, or who can blow the biggest bubble!

Visit a Neighborhood Park. Let your kids make new friends by visiting a neighborhood park. There’s always a new face and plenty khổng lồ do. They’ll get some exercise và develop their outdoor play skills by climbing, swinging, hopping, and running through obstacles.

Read. Your child’s vocabulary will improve as well as their overall knowledge when they read for even fifteen minutes a day. Take them lớn the local library & let them pick out a few books. They can explore a new subject they’re interested in, or escape to a magical world with a great novel.

Make a Treasure Hunt. Have your children take turns hiding a “treasure” & then creating a maps with a big red X on it. The treasure can be anything your child might be happy to find such as money, candy, a favorite toy or even just a unique trinket from around the house. Make the maps colorful and full of cool pictures và make the course take them all over the backyard!

Play With A Pet. When a child has a pet, the little critters can often get neglected due khổng lồ our busy schedules. Make your furry friends happy by having your children play with them for at least ten minutes a day. This can mean throwing the ball with the dog or going for a walk, brushing the fur of a smaller pet, or letting the animal go outside for some fresh air.

Play an Outdoor Game. Nothing is as fun as a big group of kids playing hide & seek until dark! Encourage your little one to gather up his friends & teach them a few of the classic games such as hide & seek, red rover, or colored eggs. Kids will not only build bonds and get exercise, but they’ll learn a little about each other too!

Make a Movie. Break out the smart phones & have your kids write a script or just improv a story as they go. Once they’re finished, upload it to lớn the computer and have them add special effects or captions using video clip editing software. Using an HDMI cable or another method, stream their new creation on the big screen & pass the popcorn!

Break Out the Board Games. Develop critical thinking và math skills while having fun with board games! Not only will your child be learning how khổng lồ count, but many fun board games such as Life & Monopoly teach real world skills as well. With so many titles, you are sure lớn be in for hours of endless fun.

Get Crafty. All you need is some construction paper, scissors, glue, and glitter to keep your child busy for hours! Have them make cards or create their own stuffed friends using templates online. If your child is a little older, get them started with crochet or knitting.

Explore or Hike. You may not live near mountains, but with a little imagination, woods can be a magical world khổng lồ explore. Bring along the dog, as well as mom và dad, and check out some of the green areas around your neighborhood.

Ride Bikes. Riding bikes is a great way for your child to lớn stay healthy và have fun. If you or your child bởi vì not have bicycles of your own, many parks offer rental services. Grab one for each thành viên of your family & spend the afternoon cruising the trails!

Build A Blanket Fort. Cloudy skies? Don’t worry! Grab a few blankets & chairs from the kitchen and create a blanket fort in the living room. Dim the lights và use flashlights lớn see inside. Add popcorn và a movie to lớn make it extra special.

Practice a Skill.

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Is your child in band or on the basketball team? Have them spend time practicing whatever their special skill is. Just a few minutes a day can make a world of improvement và help them lớn become more proficient in their craft.

Learn Something New. Have your child pick a special activity they would like to tackle such as learning sign language or how lớn breakdance. Spend some time on Youtube exploring instructional videos và let them get immersed in new experiences.

Make a Snack. Break out the pretzels & cheese or make some homemade chocolate cpu cookies together. Have your child create their own face on their plate using finger foods or make up their own sandwich.

Go Geocaching. Geocaching, similar to lớn the hit Pokemon Go game, involves searching for hidden treasure using GPS coordinates. Many phones have apps to tải về that allow you lớn participate in these digital treasure hunts. Grab your smart phones and take your kids outdoors and on a search.

Make an Obstacle Course. Have your child mix up obstacles in the backyard & create a course for friends and siblings to lớn run through. Grab a timer và see who can vị it the fastest!

Learn How Things Work. Have an old radio or computer in the garage? Let your child explore how technology works by having them take it apart. Provide supervision & safety but let them use the tools and do the discovering themselves!

Exercise. There are lots of fun things your child can bởi for exercise whether inside or out! Tag, sports, or going for a run are great ways khổng lồ keep your heart healthy. If it’s a rainy day, stay inside và do a Zumba dance đoạn phim together. Everyone will enjoy moving to lớn the music và getting in a few laughs while they are at it!

Make Slime. Using simple ingredients lying around the house, your child can create slime of all different colors và textures. địa chỉ cửa hàng some màu sắc or glitter to lớn give it a fancy look, or pop some styrofoam balls in for some funky texture! Here’s a great no mess, 3-ingredient recipe we found on Kinder Craze!

Put on a Puppet Show. Lay a table on its side and throw a blanket over it. Have your children make puppets out of socks & other household products or use kích hoạt figures to lớn tell a story. Let other friends or siblings sit in the audience và take turns seeing who can put on the best show!

Go Roller Skating. Whether khổng lồ the rink or just around the block, skating is a great exercise và tons of fun!

Paint. With tons of different ways lớn paint, your little artist will never be bored! Grab a few canvases and let them set colors and địa chỉ texture. When finished, painted canvases make great wall decorations for their room or the family room.

Play Together. Your child craves your attention và sometimes the best activity is to play together. Let them pick a fun activity for you to vị together and then let loose & have fun.

Go to lớn the Library. Local libraries are great places to lớn spend the afternoon. Have your child pick out a novel, a book about a certain topic, và a book that interests them và then spend the afternoon reading together. Many libraries also offer classes and other fun activities to vị together as a family.

Build. Grab some LEGO pieces & create a tower that reaches lớn the ceiling or go outside and see if you can build a teepee out of sticks. Playing with blocks và other building materials will strengthen your little architect’s creativity & hands on abilities. Here are some of our favorite LEGO activities for kids!

Do a Science Experiment. Research together a few science experiments that interest your child and then go khổng lồ the store for supplies. There are many unique and fun ways for your child to lớn learn about science through hands on research. Here are some of our faves!

Make Your Own Comic Book. Grab a sheet of trắng paper, draw in a few boxes, và have your child create their own comic strip. They can write out the dialog, draw the pictures, và then màu sắc it in. Make a few copies of the finished edition so their friends can read too!

Keeping kids busy can feel challenging at times, but with a little creativity, you can keep your children entertained và having fun using this menu of fun after school activities for kids.

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