We Aren'T Destroying The Earth

Let"s face it, we"re pretty much doomed as things stand. Our skies fill with smoke, our water chokes in plastic, the very planet is heating up, và people and animals are dying at record-breaking pace.

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But these are not natural disasters, they"re consequences of centuries of thoughtless human action.



2. Plastic in the oceans

It"s been clear lớn us for a while just how much plastic we dump into the oceans every year. But even if we were lớn phase out plastic from our lives today, we"d still see the effects of the pollution years from now. After all, there"s tonnes of it buried in the ice of the Arctic, & even falling like snow.


3. Deforestation

We"ve been cutting down our rainforests lượt thích we have an unlimited supply of them. Earlier this year the Amazon rainforest lost 740 square kilometres of tree cover in just a month. That sort of reckless destruction has resulted in these forest regions growing warmer và drier, thus making them more prone to lớn catching fire. Not to lớn mention they"re then scrubbing less carbon dioxide from the air.


4. Water Crisis

All of that temperature rise và tree cutting has had another effect. Precipitation levels are lower all around, và both farmers and urban areas are running out of water. We"ve yet to change anything about the food we eat though, và how products are manufactured. And if we don"t we"re staring down the barrel of a water crisis.

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5. Too many mouths khổng lồ feed

With that lack of water, as well as how exploitative current farming methods are, experts believe Earth"s population is going to experience a global food crisis in a few decades. Và the only way to lớn avoid that they say is khổng lồ turn to lớn other sources of food. Out go the proteins lượt thích cattle meat & farm-reared chickens, & in come the maggot sausages.


6. Rising global temperatures

Rising temperatures also have a more direct impact. With just another degree rise, we can expect to lớn see regular heat waves across the world, but particularly in heavily polluted countries lượt thích India and China. That means thousands more people will die each year, if not millions.


7. Melting Icecaps

The Earth heating up means warming oceans, which translates khổng lồ melting icebergs at the poles, which in turn could raise sea levels. That means most areas along the coast will be permanently submerged.

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Yeah, we"ve got a lot of not so great things khổng lồ look forward to lớn if we keep up our irresponsible treatment of the planet.