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The gớm are also known as the Vietnamese, & Son La is the second largest group, accounting for 18% of the province"s population. Population is concentrated in urban areas. Gớm language in Vietnamese - Muong language. Apart from the part of ethnic minorities residing in Son La area, many people have just moved from the North & North Central Plains. Especially since listening to the điện thoại tư vấn of the party to build mountainous economic development, kinh people from the delta provinces khổng lồ Son La; The family of Dien Bien Phu campaign soldiers stayed in the mountainous region. At present, some areas in the province of khiếp ethnic minorities include ghê people in nhì Duong, Hung Yen and Thai Binh provinces in song Ma & Yen Chau districts; thai Binh province in Thuan Chau, Ha Tay province in Mai Son & so on.Kinh people living in Son La are interspersed with ethnic minority people. They quickly integrate in production, cultural exchange & solidarity lớn create cohesion & development in Son land. Leaves. The kinh are also called Vietnamese. The tởm language belongs khổng lồ the Viet-Muong language group. Khiếp people vì farming. In the wet rice cultivation, the khiếp people have traditionally built dikes, ditches. Horticulture, mulberry growing, livestock và poultry husbandry, river fishing và marine fish development. Pottery is very early. Kinh people have habits betel betel, drinking tea, water. In addition to fried rice, sticky rice, also porridge, sticky rice. Shrimp sauce, duck eggs flipped is a unique dish of the Kinh.The kinh village is often surrounded by bamboo, & there is a strong village gate in many places. Each village has a communal meeting place and worship. Khiếp people live in the land. In the gớm family, the husband (the father) is the owner. Children take their father & father"s relatives as "family", while mother is "grandfather". The first son was responsible for organizing the worship of his parents, grandparents. Each of them has their own church, with their heads in charge of their work. Monogamy marriage The wedding is going through many rituals, the boy asked his wife & married his wife. After the wedding, the bride returns home. The men respect virginity, virtue of the bride, and pay attention khổng lồ their background.The ancestor worshipers of the Kinh. The deceased are sacrificed by their descendants every year on the day they die. Their graves are regularly visited by relatives and carers. Every year the farmer has a series of festivals và festivals associated with farmer beliefs. In addition, Buddhism, Taoism, Taoism, Catholicism from the outside came into being received at different levels. The literary capital of the kinh is quite large: oral literature (stories, folk songs, proverbs), literary literature (poetry, literature, books). Early & advanced art in many respects: singing, music, sculpture, painting, dancing, singing. The annual village festival is one of the most exciting và lively events in the countryside

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Kinh Ethnic groups have many cultural features! As the people have a tradition of solidarity, sticking to, promoting the long tradition of his father, hardworking, creative values ​​of national identity. There are religious life, spirituality such as worshiping grandparents, ancestors, people with meritorious services khổng lồ the country, it is the principle of drinking water remember the source. In addition, gớm people are influenced by Confucianism, a part of Christianity, Protestantism, a part of Buddhism. Each ethnic group has its own voice, customs & habits. In terms of language, gớm people belong lớn the Vietnamese-Muong language group. There are also customary customs that are related to lớn the cycle of one"s life, such as: birth, child feeding, marriage, home, funeral & production labor, living and fighting Independence. The architecture of traditional houses, costumes, motifs, jewelry ... Of each ethnic group are also very special và rich, expressing the concept of the universe, nature & people, about custom and life concept of each people. Ethnic groups from the upstream area to lớn build new economic zones, residents intermingled with ethnic minorities, houses with architectural features rural houses in the North. Finally, the khiếp people have the culture of dress lượt thích ao dai, ao ba .....

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The gớm people have a population of about 74 million. We live over the country. We speak Vietnamese và we have our own wringting system. We live on growing rice, raising cattle & poultry. The most important festival of the khiếp people is Tet (Lunar New Year). Our traditional costume is ao dai.