Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 Unit 3 Speaking


 Objective: - By the kết thúc of the lesson, ss can talk about parties và how to plan parties as well as improve speaking skill.

 Teaching aids: Textbook, blackboard, poster

 Estimated: 45ms.


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TRƯỜNG thpt LẤP VÒ 3TỔ GDCD – NNLESSON PLANUNIT3: A PARTYSECTION: SPEAKINGClass: Allocated: Date of Preparation: / / Date of Teaching: / / Teacher: Aims: - lớn help ss talk about parties and how to lớn plan parties.- lớn help them improve speaking skill.Objective: - By the end of the lesson, ss can talk about parties & how lớn plan parties as well as improve speaking skill.Teaching aids: Textbook, blackboard, posterEstimated: 45ms.TimeContentTeacher’s actStudents’ act3ms5ms2ms10ms7ms10ms8ms** Warm – up: BrainstormingBirthday partyTypes ofpartyI. Pre – speaking:Pre – teach Vocabulary::1. Host (n): gia chủ (nam)→ Hostess (n): gia chủ (nữ).2. Decorate (v): trang hoàng, trang trí.→ Decoration (n): sự trang hoàng, sự trang trí.3. Budget (n): ngân sách.** Task 1: do you often go lớn parties?When và where did it take place?How vị you feel?Talk about a party you have been to, using the cues below.II. While – speaking:** Task 1: ** Task 2: Tell your partner about the party.** Given speaking:S1: Have you ever been khổng lồ a party?S2: Yes. I have just been in a buổi tiệc ngọt last Sunday.S1: Whose các buổi tiệc nhỏ was it?S2: It was my cousin’s....**Task 3: You are going to take part in a competition to lớn organize the best party. Decide on the following cues for your party:Budget.Date & time.Who khổng lồ invite.Formal or informal dress.Decorations.Entertainment (music, game ).Food & drink.III. Post – speaking: ** Task 4: Tell the rest of the class about your party. Try lớn convince them lớn come.** Given speaking:Hello every one! I am going to lớn organize a tiệc ngọt to celebrate my birthday. It will take place on September 15th 2007. ** Homework:- Learn Vocab.- Practise speaking at home.- Prepare new lesson: Listening- Gives instructions - Controls the game.- Gives feedback.- Explanation.- Explanation.- Situation.- Explanation.** Reads out the words; gets ss to repeat & copy.- Gives questions andgets ss lớn answer.- Then gets them to bởi the task.- Gets ss khổng lồ practice in pairs.- Monitors.- Gets ss to present.- Takes notes.- Gives feedback.- Gets ss to lớn work in groups.- Monitors.- Gets ss lớn speak out.- Takes notes.- Gives feedback..- Listen và play game in groups.- Repeat and copy.- Listen and answer the questions.- Practise.- Present.- Work in groups.- Present.