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UNITTHREEPEOPLE'S BACKGROUNDPeriod 14 SPEAKINGThrough teaching speaking to talk about people's background.Objectives: By the over of the lesson, pupils are able lớn talk about their own background & know how khổng lồ ask for other people's background.Skills: Development for Speaking skill & three integrated skills : Listening, Reading & Writing.Lexical items :Teaching aids : Handouts, cassette,, flipcharts.PROCEDUREI/ WARM-UP : ( 5 min )Game : LUCKY NUMBER1 2 34 5 6- T divides class into 2 groups- Each group chooses a number they like- Each number is about a famous person with a question about him/her.1.Uncle Ho: When was he born?2.My Tam: Where was she born?3.Marie Curie: For what service was she awarded a Nobel prize in chemistry?4.Newton: What did he discover?5.Lucky number6.Trieu Vy: What does she do?Keys :1.18902.Danang city3.determining the atomic weight of radium.4.gravity 5.lucky number

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6. Actress và singerT : Where can you get information of one famous person?Ss : in books, magazines, from the mạng internet or an interview.T : Today we will learn how to ask & answer questions about somebody’s background.II/ PRE- SPEAKING : ( 10 min ) * Task 1 : ( Of Task 1 in the - page 35 ) Key : family, education, experience. * Task 2 : Discuss what questions can you ask when you want lớn know about someone's background .SuggestedquestionsFamily 1- How many people are there in your family ?2- What does your father / mother / vì chưng ?3- What position are you in your family ?Education 1- Where did your study at primary school ?2- What subjects vì you like best ?3- What degree bởi vì you have ?Experience 1-How long have you studied ( subject )?2- What experience vì you have ?III/ WHILE- SPEAKING : ( 18 min ) phối the scene : Imagine you are a journalist. Use the cues below khổng lồ interview a classmate about his/her background.Activity 1 : ( Of Task 2 - page 35 )FEEDBACKINTERVIEW FORMOrdersItems ( interviewer's questions )Information ( interviewee's answers )

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1 Greeting:- Good morning !- Could I have an interview with you ?- Good morning !- Yes, of course / certainly.2 Date of birth:- When were you born ?3 Place of birth:- Where were you born ?4 Home:-Where do you live ?5 Parents:-Can you tell me about you family ?6 Brothers / sisters:- How many brothers / sisters have you got ?7 Schools:- What's the name of your ……… school?8 Schoolwork:- Have you ever been a leader of yourclass ?- Were you a member of ……… club ?9 Favourite subjects:- What subjects vì chưng you like best ?10 Experience:How do work at school ?11 Thanking:Thank you very much Never mind / don't mention
it.* If others, please specify :III/ POST- SPEAKING : ( 8 min )Task: Work in groups & talk about the person you've just interviewed.V/ HOMEWORK : ( 2 min )Activity 1 : bởi the " Speaking " section of unit three in the workbook.Activity 2 : Prepare section " Listening "