1. Education aim: Students know the ways to write an informal letter of invitation.

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2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge: Invitation letter.

- Language: Words relate lớn invitation letter.

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 3. Skills: Informal invitation.

II. METHOD: Mainly communicative.

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III. TEACHING AIDS: Some pictures.


1. Checking attendance

2. Checking the previous lesson

3. The new lesson


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Pre : 20.02.2013Tea: 25.02.2013UNIT 11: NATIONAL PARKSD. WRITINGWeek: 7Syllable Period: 72 I. OBJECTIVES:1. Education aim: Students know the ways lớn write an informal letter of invitation.2. Knowledge:- General knowledge: Invitation letter.- Language: Words relate to lớn invitation letter. 3. Skills: Informal invitation.II. METHOD: Mainly communicative.III. TEACHING AIDS: Some pictures.IV. PROCEDURE:Checking attendanceChecking the previous lessonThe new lessonContentsTeacher’s & Students’ activities WARM UP (5 mins)- How often vì you write letter?- Who vì chưng you often write to?- What vị you often write about in your letters?T: Asks Sts some questions: PRE-PRACTICETASK1* Suggested Answers1. I’d like to/ I’d love to2. I’m sorry I can’t because . . ./ I’d love to, but . . .3. I’d be delighted to.TASK 2.* Suggested Answers1. D 2. E 3. C 4. A 5. F 6. B Dear Nam, Thank you for your letter. It was lovely lớn hear that you are going khổng lồ spend the next weekend in the country. I would really like to come. You know how much I love spending a weekend in the country after a long and hard term. I will catch the usual train on Friday evening.Give my best regards to lớn your parents and hope to see you soon.Love, Lam.T: Asks Sts to read the ways of accepting or refusing an invitation listed in the chart.T: Explains the meanings of the expressionsT: Asks Sts to lớn work in groups khổng lồ fill each blank of the notes with a suitable expression.T: Calls on some Sts from each of the groups to lớn read out their answers and the complete letters.T: Corrects mistakes if necessary.T: Asks Sts to lớn read the given sentences and rearrange them lớn make a letter of accepting an invitation to spend a weekend in the country.Sts: Work in pairs lớn rearrange the given sentences to make a letter of accepting an invitation lớn spend a weekend in the country.T: Goes round lớn offer help when necessary.PRACTICE* Sets the scene: One of your friends has invited you to lớn go for a picnic lớn Cuc Phuong National Park next weekend. Write a reply letter accepting or declining his or her invitation.* Suggested AnswersDear Ha,Thank you for your inviting me lớn join your picnic lớn Cuc Phuong National Park. I would really love to lớn come. You know I have hoped to lớn have a trip to Cuc Phuong National Park but the chance hadn’t come until you wrote to me. I will catch the usual coach and arrive on time.Thank you again and give my best regards khổng lồ your parents. See you soon.Love, Nam.Dear Bac,Thank you for inviting me to join your picnic lớn Cuc Phuong National Park. I’d like to, but I cannot because I’m very busy learning my old lessons khổng lồ prepare for my coming test.Let’s go another time.Love,Viet.T: Sets the sceneSts: Work in group lớn practice writing a letter.T: Goes round to lớn offer help when necessary.T: Collects some letters & read them out in front of the class. Asks the whole class listen & correct the mistakes when necessary. T: Gives the models if necessary.HOMEWORKT: Asks Sts khổng lồ complete their letters at home.* Comments và supplement: