Ielts speaking: best friend


In IELTS speaking, we are often asked to lớn talk about the topic of friendship because it is common lớn all people in all cultures. It is something that everyone can say something about, so we often encounter it in this part of the exam.

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Today, I am going to lớn show you how khổng lồ talk about a best friend. I’ll give you some advice on vocabulary, grammar, and some tips about how to lớn answer questions effectively.

Best Friend for IELTS Speaking

When it comes to lớn the issue of friendship, this could arise in any part of the IELTS speaking test. In part one, you might be asked an easy and general question like:

How often vị you see your friends?

In part two, you could be given a cue card that says something like:

Describe your best friend.

In part three, the question would be a little more complicated, requiring more consideration in order to lớn answer it fully:

Is it better to have friends that always agree with you or should people look for friends with different opinions?

As you can see, these require quite different types of answer. We’ll look at sample answers later on, but first let’s explore some useful vocabulary.

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Best Friend Vocabulary

As always, when it comes to lớn IELTS it is important khổng lồ use vocabulary accurately and that means don’t just find ridiculously obscure words from the dictionary. Use words that are appropriate to the topic & to your chosen answer.

If you look up “best friend” in a thesaurus, for example, you might find expressions lượt thích “soul mate” that vày not actually have the same meaning. The phrase “bosom buddy” is also a little weird and outdated, too.

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