Unit 1 Lớp 11: Speaking


Objectives: Students will be able to lớn describe their friends’ physical characteristics và personalities as well as make a small talk about their best friends

Teaching Aids: pictures, posters



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±Week: . . . . . . . . Unit 1: FRIENDSHIP ±Period : . . . . . . . Lesson 2: Speaking±Objectives: Students will be able to describe their friends’ physical characteristics & personalities as well as make a small talk about their best friends±Teaching Aids: pictures, posters±Procedure Teacher’s ActivitiesStudents’ ActivitiesI/ WARM UP: Kim’s GameSticking the poster on boardHandsome short crooked black beautiful straight tall high Square oval grey broadDividing students into groupsExplaining the rues of the gameAsking students khổng lồ prepare for the gameControlling the gameGiving commentsII/ PRE_ SPEAKING:Handing out the papersAsking students khổng lồ rearrange the words in Kim’s trò chơi into the correct rowsPut the words in Kim’s game into the correct rows1/ Face2/ Height3/ Nose4/ Forehead5/ Hair6/ AppearanceIII/ WHILE_ SPEAKING:1/ Describing someone’s physical characteristicsAsking students khổng lồ make questions & answer them lớn describe the physical characteristics of some people( Task 1 page 15)2/ Matching: Handing out the papersAsking students to bởi the taskMatch the word in column A with their Vietnamese meanings in column B:AB1/ caringl(adj)2/ modest (adj)3/ helpful (adj)4/ generous(adj))5/ pleasant (adj)6/ hospitable (adj)7/ sincere (adj)8/ honest (adj)9/understanding (adj)10/ humorous (adj)11/ quick_witted (adj)12/ good_natured (adj)13/ studious (adj)14/ patient (adj)15/ calm (adj)a/ khiêm tốnb/ hào phóngc/ tốt giúp đỡd/ vui vẻ, dễ dàng chịue/ thích kháchf/ phát âm biếtg/ chân thànhh/ chu đáoi/ thật thàj/ bình tĩnhk/ nhân hậul/ lanh trím/ siêng họcn/ kiên nhẫno/ hài hướcCorrecting and giving comments3/ Orderding:Asking students to vày task 2 page 16“Discuss and number the personalities in order of importance in friendship”IV/ POST_ READINGTalking About A Good FriendHanding out the papersAsking students khổng lồ use the suggested ideas khổng lồ make a conversation between a journalist và an intervieweeJournalistInterviewee1/ What’s his/ her name?2/ How old is he/ she?3/ What does he/ she look like?4/ What is he/ she like?5/ What does he/ she usually vì chưng in her không tính phí time?6/ What are her hobbies?7/ What subjects does he/ she lượt thích best?8/ How much time does he/ she spend on _______ everyday?’ His/ her name is _________’ He/ she is __________’ She is _______________’ He/ she is ____________’ He/ she usually _________ in her không lấy phí time’ They are ___________’She likes __________ best’She spends about ______ on __________ everydayGiving feedback and commentsV/ HOMEWORK:Asking students to study the lesson & prepare Unit 1: ListeningLooking at the posterGetting into 2 groupsListening carefullyDiscussing with their friendsPlaying the gameRearrange the words into the correct rows1/ square,oval2/tall, short3/ straight, crooked4/ broad, high5/ black, grey, straight6/ handsome, beautifulDescribing physical characteristics( Students’ answers may vary)Example:A: Can you describe the man in the picture?B: The man is tall. He has got a square face, a crooked nose. He is good lookingMatching the words with their Vietnamese meanings:1/ h2/ a3/ c4/ b5/ d6/ e7/ g8/ i9/ f10/ o11/ l12/ k13/ m14/ n15/ jDiscuss và number the personalities ( Students’ answers may vary)ReadingTalking with their friends, using the suggested ideas( Students’ answers may vary)Example:A: What is your best friend’s name?B: Her name’s LanA: How old is she?B: She is 16 years oldA: What does she look like?B: She is beautiful. She is tall. She has big eyes and long đen hairA: What is she like?B: She is helpful and studiousA: What does she usually vày in her không lấy phí time?B: She usually reads books in her miễn phí timeA: What are her hobbies?B: They are reading and swimmingA: What subject does she lượt thích best?B: She likes Maths bestA: How much time does she spend on Maths everyday?B: About an hour a day