Six Reasons To Get A Hobby


A hobby is anything that you enjoy doing frequently. It is less demanding and it gives you immense joy. You look forward khổng lồ something after work or school because you want to release the stress. A hobby helps you khổng lồ reenergize and recharge. Vày you have a hobby? During my sophomore year, I realized I need a hobby. You just cannot survive college without something to uplift your spirit. This is why you need a hobby. The importance of hobby is stressed in schools. Students are encouraged khổng lồ participate in extracurricular activities in order khổng lồ be well-rounded. Most colleges and employers look for students who participate in extracurricular activities. It shows that they have good time management skills & they can lead a balanced life.

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Why vì chưng people have hobbies?

We all have talents và a passion for something. That passion turns into a hobby. It could be singing, cooking, acting, or painting. Some people are lucky enough to lớn turn this into a career. Hobbies enrich your life & keep you sane. Pleasure is the main reason for a hobby. It makes you happier and you develop a sense of purpose. Sometimes a hobby pushes you to lớn reach your full potential. For some people, it helps them to cope in a stressful environment. Nicki Minaj mentioned in an interview that she went into her room và write her songs whenever she was feeling down. A hobby is something that helps you lớn cope with stress & provide an avenue for an emotional outlet.

5 Reasons why you need a hobby

De-stress mechanism

A hobby acts as a de-stress mechanism. People who feel burden will participate in an activity that will ease their burdens. For some people, this can be playing soothing music on the piano or dribble a ball on the basketball court. Without this stress reliever, we would be miserable. It clears our mind off things that demand a lot of concentration from us. Studies have been conducted to lớn prove that hobbies reduce găng tay level. In one study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, female heart patients reported a significant decrease in the heart rate và blood pressure while working on simple craft projects. (Lluch,2009).

Sense of purpose

Hobbies give you a sense of purpose. You have something to look forward to lớn after school & work. You phối personal goals for yourself and work khổng lồ achieve them. If you want to lớn be a better hockey player you decide that you will get better by a particular time. Then you set your schedule và work toward your personal goal. You are engaged in something other than school and work. After you finish school or retire you can still engage in something that you love. You still have some sort of purpose.

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You learn lifelong lessons

Being a thành viên of the volleyball team for 7 years, I learned the importance of teamwork. This is a life long skill that everyone needs at some point in their life. Employers look for candidates with good teamwork skills. If you start a family you and your partner need teamwork skills. If you join an organization this skill will be needed as well. I also learned how khổng lồ accept failures and use it khổng lồ improve myself as a volleyball player. We don’t always win but we should learn from our failures. Hard work was also an important lesson as well. You neglect training you will see it in your poor performance. Training và practice are fundamental elements you need to engage in if you want lớn succeed. All these lessons I learned just by playing volleyball. All hobbies won’t teach you the same things but it will be similar.

Create friendships & boost your social skills

Having friends who mô tả the same hobby can enrich your life. You are not limited to lớn one realm such as work & school. You expand your network outside of that by having a hobby. This applies lớn hobbies that require more than one person such as sports. It helps you khổng lồ socialize & you can build your people skills. For introverts, participating in a hobby can help them lớn practice their people skills. People are more expressive when they talk about their passions. This will be beneficial for people who are shy & find it difficult lớn socialize with people in general. They will have interesting things khổng lồ talk about with someone who can relate to lớn them.

Build self-esteem và inspire others

If you are not confident about anything be confident when it comes khổng lồ your hobby. Most people were not good when they started learning something new. They practiced until they were competent & over the period they develop their self-esteem. A hobby can give you self-confidence when you become great at something. You will inspire many people when you are great in something that you love. You will build the self-esteem of others around especially those who will look up to you. Famous athletes and artists influence upcoming athletes & artists. I think their confidence spread khổng lồ those who aspire lớn be lượt thích them.

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Wrapping it up

A hobby is something that everyone should get involved in. It makes your life interesting and it can help you lớn cope with stress. Hobbies will develop you as a person as you learn lessons that can guide you in life. It teaches you khổng lồ be well rounded và expand your horizon.