What is your plan for this coming weekend!?


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Nice Shoes, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )
Oliver Johnston, over 8 years ago
Duncan Graham, over 8 years ago
Joe Turner, over 8 years ago

I"m going laser-tagging with my little brother as it"s his birthday today. Then it"s home to carry on working on a side project, what about you? Also, more of this on DN.

David Hoogland, over 8 years ago

Haha... Nice question. =)

Tomorrow I"m gonna relax. I have a 7 week old son, a full time job and some sideprojects. It"s been a pretty dynamic week, so tomorrow all attention is lớn my son and my girlfriend! =) Sunday I"ll do some work, have some friends & family coming over so will be fun.

You got any plans?

That is what weekends are for - sounds great!

Haha, thanks for asking ;)

Well tomorrow I"m going meet up with my girlfriends family, her brother, who lives in Stockholm just got a baby girl last friday, so we are all going khổng lồ see her for the first time.

Otherwise than that, I"m going lớn work on my sideproject, that is something, there haven"t been a lot of time for, the last few weeks, so I"m looking forwards to lớn pick up where i left off :)

Have a nice one, và thanks for sharing!

Well I turned 21 today, so friends are coming over (some having traveled khổng lồ Chicago from my hometown in Michigan) và we"re getting wasted, going playground-hopping (it"s like a bar-crawl,) and eventually falling asleep watching Spider-Man.

My brother has just started up selling some t-shirts & surprise, surprise wants a website. That"s pretty much my weekend.

We did this in Shopify in no time. Bought a good theme và modified it a bit: http://shop.iconfinder.com/

Lots of family stuff here, nice khổng lồ see :)

Some friends are playing a gig tonight, & another tomorrow. Sunday is recovery, delicious food và side projects.

I was about to lớn say exactly the same thing. Never thought a post on here would trigger such nostalgia for my family.

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Thanks DN, a weekend skype date with my mom is in the works.

:) Let"s see. Tomorrow morning I have rowing practice. After that, I"ll spend the day working on a tool for UI Designers that my brother and I are building. At night, I"m taking my girlfriend for dinner :). Sunday always gets the best of me! I usually kết thúc up just relaxing, watching some Netflix, and grading my class" assignments or midterms. Thanks for the question! Have fun in Stockholm!

Yard cleanup before the snow hits (somehow Northern Alberta is still snow free)

Tinker with the chisels that I"m pretending I know how to lớn use by building things I don"t know how to lớn build

I think it"s going lớn be a good weekend.

I"m planning khổng lồ head into Boston and take some photos of my wife in a park và around the city. She"s 16 weeks pregnant và just starting lớn show so it should be a nice opportunity khổng lồ capture some photos while shopping for maternity clothes.

I"ll also spend some time on my side project và some probono branding and website work for a single mom starting a business.

Maybe hit up a farmers market before it gets too cold.

Going back lớn my trang chủ town khổng lồ see the family :) Probably kết thúc up doing kiến thiết work for them, you know how it ends up haha.

Great question by the way!

Cooking. Just made a chorizo and sweet potato chili and making burritos, enchiladas, và a chicken chipotle chili. All of it"s going in the freezer for quick meals.Diwali celebration & dinner with some friends on Sunday.Brunch meeting with my business coach.Some GTA V, if I can squeeze it in.

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Seeing Radiolab"s live show in Dallas with my boo! http://www.radiolab.org/live/

They"ve got some pretty cool stories in their podcast. Any listeners here?

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend as well!

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