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IELTS Speaking Task 1: What is your favorite TV program/show? (Why?)

Notes: This question is focused on a certain show, better give the title and the plot.

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Sample Answers

Although I have seen Modern Family several times now, it is still my favorite American TV show. The story is about three different family setups, và how their lives are intertwined together. There is no particular plot, each episode is focused on certain challenges in their family. I lượt thích this show because it is a light story và it does not require thinking. It is also funny because some scenes are relatable.I always want to lớn be a lawyer so when I stumbled upon Suits, not the Korean version but the US version. I fell in love with this show. I usually watch this on my phone during the pandemic. This show helps me with my boredom. The story revolves around this man who is very intelligent but never went khổng lồ college or law school & was given an opportunity to become a corporate lawyer in a big firm. The plot revolves around certain cases and the chase of whether he will be caught or not.My first impression of Games of Throne was quite different, at first I find it boring. However, after seeing some clips on Youtube, I started lớn get curious about the story, và even though I know how the ending went. I am now invested in watching GOT. Also, I started lớn get accustomed khổng lồ the British accent so I can understand the story much better now. I love how witty the character of Peter Dinklage is in the show.I was not a fan hâm mộ of Viola Davis but after seeing her act in How to lớn Get Away with Murder, I was into the show. Her strong character makes me love the show so much that I finished it within four weeks of binge-watch. I still stream this on Netflix when I have the chance. I could say this is my favorite tv show this year.

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