What is the song with the lyrics 'let me tell you about my best friend'?


Other than our family, best friends are the only people who know most of our secrets and love and support us no matter what. Although people who can stick to their best friends throughout their lives are really lucky, this cue card gives us an opportunity to share about that person who is very special and close to us. Check out the sample answers given below for this cue card topic.

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Describe/talk about your best friend.

You should say:

 When and how you metWhat kind of personality he/she hasWhat makes you like him/her

Sample Answer 1

Here is the sample for “describe/talk about your best friend” topic

I would like to talk about my best friend, Hriday. It has been almost 5 years since we have known each other. Talking about how we met, it was all through social media. He was my friend’s friend on Facebook. I had spoken to him a few times on comments, and then he sent me a friend request. Upon the very first conversation, I clicked with him like never before.

Since the beginning, Hriday was quite outspoken with me. Although he has a shy and reserved personality, with me, he spoke his heart out. At first, I was a bit sceptical of talking like this with a stranger. However, he made me feel comfortable in no time and soon, we became close friends. He is an amiable person.

Living in the same city, we have met several times. Right from reading novels to going on bike rides, there are plenty of things we have done together. One of the best things about him is the positive attitude he carries. He listens to me patiently. I have the utmost confidence in him. Whenever I have an issue, the first person I want to talk to is Hriday. And, very calmly, he listens to me and then helps me think and act rationally.

I just hope we stay friends for years to come.

Sample Answer 2

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I would like to describe my best friend, Huong, whom I have known for roughly 10 years. I first met her at primary school when she was my classmate. At first, she was quite shy and did not want to talk with anyone, which made me feel that she was a bit proud. However, when we became close friends, she was more sociable and amiable. We have done a lot of things together. Studying at the same schools, we have various mutual friends. So, we usually throw parties at the weekends or have a picnic together.Besides, whenever I get into trouble, I turn to her for help. For example, I remember when I got bad marks in the mock university entrance exam, she consoled me and then we studied together until the official exam took place. Finally, we had the opportunity to study at our favorite college.At present, despite the fact that we have different plans and goals to pursue, I believe that we will be best friends for good and we will try our best to maintain this relationship.


Here are the vocabularies for “describe/talk about your best friend” with examples:

Roughly: approximately, but not exactly.Eg: In the exam, I wrote roughly 300 words for my essay.

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Close friends: friends who know each other very well and like each other a lot.Eg: Close friends usually share the same interests and have no secrets from each other.Amiable: pleasant and easy to likeEg: Our form teacher is very amiable and we all enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in her classes.Mutual friends: friends which are shared by two or more people.Eg: Although we had not met before, when we started chatting, we discovered that we had some mutual friends.Throw parties: give parties.Eg: Some Hollywood film stars throw parties that hundreds of people attend.Consoled: gave sympathy to someone who is unhappy.Eg: After the team lost the match, the coach consoled the players and told them that they had played well.For good: permanentlyEg: I decided to leave New York for good and move to Europe.

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Try our best: do as much as possible to achieve somethingEg: Although we tried our best, we failed the exam.
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