Why Jeans Are The World'S Most Popular Style Of Pants


Jeans have become one of the most worn pieces of clothing in the world. Everybody wears them, from the rural farmer to lớn the urban lawyer và from models to housewives. But why have jeans become so popular. You’ll get many answers. For some people they look cool, for others jeans are simply comfortable.

Jeans were first designed as durable trousers for farm workers và miners in the states of the American west. A Nevada tailor, Jacob Davis, had the idea of using copper bolts at the corner of the pockets to make them stronger. They became popular instantly and soon many people bought them.

Although Davis knew that he had a great product which many people wanted khổng lồ buy, he didn’t have the money khổng lồ patent it. He asked Levi Strauss, who supplied him with cloth, lớn help him out. The two worked together and started making jeans out of denim, which was more comfortable and could be easily stretched. It also became softer as it got older. They were dyed with indigo because it did not go through the cloth lượt thích other dyes do.

At first jeans were worn only by workers, especially in factories. In the eastern part of the US jeans were hardly worn at all. They were associated with rural people & the working class. But when rich easterners went on holidays to lớn escape everyday life they often put on jeans.

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James Dean và Marlon Brando made them popular in movies & everyone wanted lớn wear them. Jeans became a symbol of the youth rebellion during the 1950s & 1960s. College students started khổng lồ wear them as a protest against the Vietnam War và the establishment. The new trousers were banned in American schools and sometimes in theatres & cinemas. As time went on jeans became more acceptable và today they are worn not only as casual clothes but also at formal events.

Other countries quickly started to lớn get accustomed lớn wearing jeans too. American servicemen on duty in Europe and japan often wore them when they were not on duty lớn show that they were Americans. The trousers showed the world a happier way of life, something that people needed, especially after what they had endured in World War II.

Jeans were also worn because they made people equal. You could afford them and they couldn’t be torn so easily. They had practical advantages as well. They didn’t need lớn be washed as often as other trousers và women didn’t need to iron them. This became more important as more và more women started working and had less time for housework.

Today jeans are an essential part of our lives. They are almost always washed a few times before being sold to give them their faded appearance.


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acceptable = good enough, all right accustomed = khổng lồ get used to advantage = good side afford = khổng lồ have enough money to lớn buy something although = while appearance = how something looks associate = connect, links ban = forbid bolt = a metal piece used khổng lồ hold things together casual = relaxed cloth = material used for making clothes clothing = clothes, outfit copper = soft reddish brown metal denim = strong cotton cloth durable = strong; hard-wearing dye = color endure = to go through equal = the same escape = get away from especially = above all essential = very important establishment = group of people who have a lot of power nguồn in a country fade = lose color formal = official hardly = not very much indigo = dark màu xanh instantly = at once iron = khổng lồ make clothes smooth and flat lawyer = a person who has studied law miner = a person who works mostly underground and digs minerals out of the earth on duty = to lớn work patent = khổng lồ get the rights to produce something popular = liked by many practical = useful rural = country side serviceman = thành viên of the army stretch = lớn make flexible supply = sell tailor = someone who makes clothes tear – tore- torn = break urban = from the city

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