How long have you studied english? i've studied english since 1 year ago is that right?


What is the average amount of time you have age have you been learning English? A person’s lifespan generally ranges from 18 to lớn 24 years.

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Has Learned Or Has Been Learning?

To you, learning means being in the process of learning, so the term implies I’ve been learning. Are you interested in learning more about learning the language? Did you say that you knew if I’ve learned English. This means everything has already been established in your hand. You’ll find out a lot of things when you learn what you did in this case.

What Tense Is Have Been Learning?

Talking about actions beginning in the past và continuing in the present is the purpose of the Present Perfect Continuous tense. Most often used in conjunction with a credit thẻ or something else. The second hour of reading has been longer than the first.

Had Learned Or Had Been Learning?

Having is no longer necessary as “learn” is past tensed.

How Long Have You Been Learning The English?

If you’re reading at any time, what is your current study long have you been studying English? English was the subject of my studies from elementary school through university level. However, I gained a greater understanding of the U.S. Lifestyle. From those 15 years, I spent, than I did from those 15 years. Has been learning English since I was 11, more or less, 58 years ago.

Have Studied Or Have Been Studying?

The last one suggests that you still have time lớn study; if not, you will be using “I finished” or “I studied” with “I finished.”.

How Long Have You Been Here Meaning?

What time frame vì you intend of been here? The question is used lớn ask for an estimate of how many days, weeks, months the individual has lived in particular locations.

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Why Are You Studying English?

In addition lớn helping you lớn broaden your cultural awareness, it also gives you a broader perspective. You can improve your listening abilities this way. Studies have shown that people who speak two or more languages have better minds as they get older.

Is It I Have Learned Or I Have Learned?

Simple Past tense (I learned) refers only khổng lồ the fact that occurred years ago, while Perfect Past tense (I have learned) connects the idea of the past & the idea of the present.

Had Been Learning Meaning?

This is correct. “If you said it was a verb+ing,” the noun started as soon as the verb was learned, went past during the previous period, as long as the verb remained a verbs, ended as soon as the verb was learned.

What Is The Difference Between Learned và Learning?

There are grammatical, lexical & rogative differences between “to learn” và the past tense và past participle of “to learn,” since “to learn” is an irregular verb. If you live in the United States, there are no refunds. In order lớn avoid using an almost exclusively used form of the verb you could use ‘learned’ if you are learning American English.

Has Been Learnt Or Has Been Learned?

If you are going lớn learn something, choose the past participle & then choose the past tense of the verb. Generally speaking, learned spellings are accepted in the US and Canada, while the rest of English-speaking nations favor the older spelling.

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What Verb Tense Is Have Been?

A present perfect continuous tense (also called a present perfect progressive tense) indicates that a past-present continuous period has carried on or is continuing at a later date.