Present perfect


I think people use the first option more often.however since is a signal word for present perfect.

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Since when do you know each other?

connotes doubt or even incredulity that the two people in question know each other at all. "Since when" is synonymous with "How long has this been true without my knowing it?" The asker of the question is less interested in finding out the length of time than in communicating their surprise.

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Since when have you known each other?

asks when the two people in questions first met. It would normally (but not necessarily) be answered with a specific moment, e.g. "Since 2013" or "Since yesterday"

Another alternative is:

How long have you known each other?

This would normally be answered with a duration of time, e.g. "For three years", or "For a couple of days".

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To ask how long someone has been know the simple question is

How long have you known each other?

In your examples

Since when vì chưng you know each other? Since when have you known each other?

The second alternative would be preferable since it shows knowing in the past continuing khổng lồ the present, present perfect

Upon meeting two people, the question

Do you know each other?

is appropriate lớn ask if they are new acquaintances or not

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