How Distance Affects Priority Admission For P1 Registration

Singapore citizen school allocation priorities. Source:

This table takes into consideration a chạy thử vacancy of 50.

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Children who live less than 1km from the school, will be given priority and admitted first, followed by those that live between 1km and 2km. This gives a total of 48 confirmed registered students.

As there are eight SCs that live further than 2km, the remaining two slots will be balloted between them.

Also, Singapore Citizens will be admitted before PRs. Only after all Singapore Citizens who applied have been successfully admitted into the school, then any remaining vacancies will be opened up to lớn PRs. The distance rule still applies.

Should there still be vacancies after all Singapore Citizens and PRs have been admitted, then non-Singapore Citizens/PR students (not shown in graph) who applied will be entered into the balloting process for the vacant spots.

The four prior phases

It is important to cảnh báo that there are also four prior phases that service this entire process. Usually, the first hotline for admission will go out to lớn parents whom currently already have a child in the school. All children registered under the first phase (otherwise known as Phase 2A) will be given places in the school.

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Several days later, Phase 2A(1) will come in effect và parents who have previously studied in the same school and are members of the alumni association will get to lớn register at their school of choice.

In Phase 2A(2), children with parents or siblings who have studied in the school or whose parent is a thành viên of the staff of the relevant school will now be able khổng lồ register.

Following that is Phase 2B, where children whose parents are identified as an active community leader, endorsed by a church or clan directly connected with the school or have given 40 hours of voluntary service as a parent volunteer for said school are now able lớn register.

Distance-based registration for children whose parents have no affiliation with the school only begins after these rounds are completed & is quite literally a time and numbers game.

This is because if a large number of people live less than 1km from the school or the majority of parents enrolling their child into said school have all been students, work or are part of the alumni association there, then chances of filling the number of slots opened lớn parents with no affiliation to lớn the school is lower.

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Does that mean that living near a school does not matter at all?

The thing to lớn remember though is that school vacancies are usually a lot larger than the abovementioned example so you’re not just fighting for a small percentage. There is likely to be ample chance so long as you strike when the iron is hot.  

Usually, when a child is eligible for primary school by a given year, they are able to vày so in Phase 2C & Phase 2C Supplementary. Thus, if you’re planning to buy or rent a place nearby, vì chưng so at least 3 years before your kid is expected to enrol so you’ll technically have two chances should the first one fail. Furthermore, try to lớn get a place that is less than 1km from the school to lớn improve your odds at success.

Also, it won’t hurt to contact the school lớn verify the number of vacancies left and when you can start registering.  

If you are unsuccessful in getting a place in the school after Phase 2C Supplementary has passed, you can approach MOE who will facilitate admission into a school that currently has vacancies. This is of course, on a first-come-first-served basis. 

To find out more about the entry criteria for registration, visit the MOE website here

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