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Enter a chemical equation to lớn balance:Balanced equation: Fe(NO3)2 + HCl = FeCl + H(NO3)2 Copy lớn clipboardReaction type: double replacement

Đang xem: Hcl + fe(no3)2 = fe(no3)3 + fecl3 + no + h2o

Reaction stoichiometryLimiting reagentCompoundCoefficientMolar MassMolesWeightFe(NO3)21179.8548HCl136.46094FeCl191.298H(NO3)21125.01774Units: molar mass – g/mol, weight – g.Please tell about this miễn phí chemistry software lớn your friends!Direct liên kết to this balanced equation: Instructions on balancing chemical equations:Enter an equation of a chemical reaction and click “Balance”.Bạn vẫn xem:

The answer will appear belowAlways use the upper case for the first character in the element name and the lower case for the second character.Examples: Fe, Au, Co, Br, C, O, N, F. Compare: co – cobalt and CO – carbon monoxideTo enter an electron into a chemical equation use - or e lớn enter an ion specify charge after the compound in curly brackets: +3 or 3+ or 3. Example: Fe3+ + I- = Fe2+ + I2Substitute immutable groups in chemical compounds to lớn avoid ambiguity. For instance equation C6H5C2H5 + O2 = C6H5OH + CO2 + H2O will not be balanced, but PhC2H5 + O2 = PhOH + CO2 + H2O willCompound states are not required.If you vì chưng not know what products are enter reagents only và click “Balance”.

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In many cases a complete equation will be suggested.Reaction stoichiometry could be computed for a balanced equation. Enter either the number of moles or weight for one of the compounds khổng lồ compute the rest.Limiting reagent can be computed for a balanced equation by entering the number of moles or weight for all reagents. The limiting reagent row will be highlighted in pink.Examples of complete chemical equations to lớn balance:
Examples of the chemical equations reagents (a complete equation will be suggested): Give us feedback about your experience with chemical equation balancer. Periodictable Unitconverters Chemistrytools ChemicalForum ChemistryFAQ Constants Symmetry Chemistrylinks Linktous tương tác us