Hello, I"m Jane at English.  This không tính phí IELTS Speaking chạy thử Lesson will help you get a higher score in English exams, and improve your conversation skills. 

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Hello, I"m Jane at English. I hope you enjoyed this không tính tiền IELTS lesson. You can sign up here khổng lồ join my mailing list, & you can find more không lấy phí IELTS Speaking kiểm tra lessons here:

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How khổng lồ speak English fluently & understand fast English.

* English Audio Lessons are designed to lớn help you learn khổng lồ speak and understand English at the speed that we speak it. No matter how good your English is, you need lớn be able to lớn follow a fast conversation in order khổng lồ participate. English courses are fully accredited và you can get an internationally recognised certificate for your CV or resume. Please listen khổng lồ current lesson topics here:

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IELTS Interactive Audio Course for Speaking demo Part 2Are you trying lớn get a better score in your IELTS exam? In this course, you can access 10 of my most popular IELTS Speaking kiểm tra part 2 answers, all with downloadable audio, PDF and interactive listening và vocabulary exercises. 

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How does a subscription work?. Audio lessons make you speak English like a native speaker for a short time each day, and help you khổng lồ understand native speakers perfectly. .If you subscribe to lớn my regular audio lessons, I will send you 5 expertly- designed audio lessons per week, so every month you get approximately 22 lessons per level. You choose the level yourself that you think will be challenging for you - not too easy, not too hard - and you can change your level, or địa chỉ more levels, at any time after joining.

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Each weekday (Monday to lớn Friday), you receive an thư điện tử containing a links that takes you straight to lớn your audio lesson.Each audio lesson contains a short conversation, with an audio file and script, as well as vocabulary & style notes to lớn help you understand it.Key phrases in the conversation are hidden at first so you can kiểm tra your listening skills. You can then uncover the hidden text.There are 2 audio files per lesson – one at fast, natural speed and a second audio file that is slowed down using special software khổng lồ 65% of natural speed. This allows you khổng lồ hear exactly how the language works.You copy the native speakers by speaking along with the audio files lớn improve your pronunciation, rhythm, speed and intonation.All your lessons are stored for you in an online Personal Lesson ngân hàng so you can log in lớn take them again any time, or take lessons you have missed – even after your subscription has expired!You can download the MP3 audio files lớn your computer, sản phẩm điện thoại phone or i-pod.The lessons take only 5 - 10 minutes each day lớn complete, & you can log in và take your lessons from any computer.There are no advertisements to distract your attention.


As a subscriber, you will also get full access and download rights to the audio in my Teacher’s Blogs, with cultural articles và downloadable audio grammar lessons.

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. Audio Lessons are exceptionally good value – I believe in keeping prices down so that better English is affordable for everyone! There is a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all! So what are you waiting for? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!