Cue card # 130: describe a party that you enjoyed

Whose các buổi party it was & what it was celebrating?Where the buổi tiệc nhỏ was held và who went lớn it?What people did do during the party?

and explain what you enjoyed about this party.

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Sample Answer 1

To be honest, I’m not particularly eager to attend parties and am more interested in family festivities where I can meet all my cousins. So, I attended very few so-called parties. Today, I am going to tóm tắt about the first buổi tiệc ngọt that I attended in my life. It was organized by one of my elder sisters on the occasion of her daughter’s fifth birthday. 

As the các buổi tiệc nhỏ was held at her in-law’s place, which is far from where we are now, we had to arrive one day earlier và stay at a hotel that the family had organized for us. Most of our relatives were invited along with their close family members. Unfortunately, many of my cousins could not attend as they had final exams. 


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On D-day, we arrived at their house, which looked almost like a palace. Living in small quarters due lớn my father’s transferable job had that effect on me. After a short puja for the little girl’s well-being, we reached the venue of the party, which was a popular five-star khách sạn in the city. We had lunch và gradually enjoyed various activities organized by the host throughout the day. A live band was playing and there was a dance floor. In the evening, there were photo sessions and after the cake-cutting ceremony, many people performed in honor of the girl who was busy chewing her dress.

Although I was initially feeling bored due to the absence of my favorite cousins, eventually, I took advantage of the in-house spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and relished various delicacies kept for the buffet. The preparation was lavish and the hosts were very courteous và took care of everyone. 

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Execute: implementEg: The robbers could not execute their plan properly due khổng lồ the tight security. Monetary: something related lớn moneyEg: They are having some monetary issues.Organize: making arrangementsEg: Payel organized a farewell party.Blindfold: a piece of cloth tied around the head lớn cover someone’s eyes.

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Eg: She is blindfolded lớn play hide and seek.

Sample Answer 2

On my parents’ anniversary, I decided khổng lồ arrange a surprise các buổi tiệc nhỏ for them. I chose to call all our known relatives và invited a few friends I have known since I was a kid. Unfortunately, initially, the monetary issue was becoming a hindrance for me as I had khổng lồ pay entirely for it. Eventually, I used up my savings for buying a customized cake và the food và took the remaining money from my brother.

The buổi tiệc nhỏ was organized at our home. The day before the party, we made them stay at our grandparents’ place on the grounds that they should take the blessings from the elders. After they left, we decorated the whole house with fairy lights. One of my uncles helped with this arrangement. Our plan was informed to our grandparents so that they could help us in the execution of the plan.

I doubted how many people would show up at the party, but much to my surprise, most of them came. We were accompanied by our cousins & aunt and uncle to help us with the preparation. After the buổi tiệc ngọt began, everyone enjoyed the party. Guests were chit-chatting or just catching up with old friends & talking about the olden times. Dinner was served around nine because many of them had khổng lồ return home.

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Our parents arrived at around 6 in the evening. They were blindfolded. My brother and I guided them in and opened the blindfold. They could not believe that we could organize something like this. However, there was a spark in their eyes that was somewhere between pride & happiness. It was that exact moment I wanted to lớn pause the time & live it a little longer. They bởi so much for us every day selflessly, & this wasn’t even a payback. This was just how we decided khổng lồ show how special they were to us.