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I- Change sentences into the present passive:1- People wash the used plastic bottles with water.- . . . 2- They always listen to music in the morning.- . . . 3- The students often play sports everyday.- . . . 4- I never drink coffee for dinner.- . . . 5- People reuse used paper to lớn make shopping bags.- . . . 6- People also use the recycled plastic lớn make toys. - . . .7- They use milk for making butter và cheese.- . . .8- The man brings bottles of milk to lớn my house.- . . .9- People speak English all over the world.- . . .10- They don’t use this house very often.- . . . 11- vị they teach French in this school?- . . . 12- They make a lot of beautiful toys from recycled plastic.- . . . II- Change the sentences into the past passive.1-He watched a soccer match last night.- . . .2-They wrote many new words yesterday.- . . . 3- The boy made a fire by the lamp.- . . . 4- They built this house more than one hundred years ago. - . . . 5- Viet nam giới exported million tons of rice in 2008.- .

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. . 6- We celebrated their Lunar NewYear hapily last year.- . . . 7- phái mạnh visited his friends two weeks ago.- . 8- They didn’t see you at the buổi tiệc nhỏ last night.- . 9- I saw my friend at your buổi tiệc ngọt five days ago.- . 10- My mother took us to the movies last week.- . I-Change sentences into the passive (Present simple):1- Mr nhị delivers the letters everyday.- . 2-The children often buy the tickets at the box office.- . 3- They usually finish their homework before bed time.- . .4-The teacher corrects our exercises today.- . .5- We often watch the shows of music on TV .- . .6- We vị a written chạy thử today.- . . . .7- Everyone always see the Picasso’s exhibition .- . . .8- The workers clean the streets everyday.- . . .9- Careless driving causes many accidents.- . . .10- Weeds cover the river bank.- . . .II- Change sentences into the passive ( Past simple)1- Mrs Allen wrote that novel in 1998.- . .2- phái nam borrowed the reference book from the shelf yesterday.- . .3-The boy ate two loaves of bread last sunday.- . . 4- He left the letter on the desk some minutes ago.- . . 5- My mother bought a new xe đạp for me last month.- . . 6- Our size teacher returned our written test to us last lesson.- . .7- The Chinese invented paper in the century A.D. - . .7- Vietnamese planted trees in their neighborhood a year ago. - . 8- The children played games yesterday. - . 9- My sister did the housework yesterday.- . 10- The publisher published his book in 1996.- . 11- They repaired our desk during the weekend.- . 12- Jack London wrote the novel “Martin Idon”.- . I-Change sentences in passive khung with “will/can/should/must + be + past participle”.1- Somebdy will clean the room later. - 2- You mustn’t xuất hiện this parcel until Calen comes.- 3- They can’t make tea with cold water.- 4- The students wil hold a meeting before the Teachers’ Day.- 5- People can recycle tires to make pipes or floor coverig.- 6- They should finish the work before December 30th.- 7- The manager must sign the contract today.- 8- They will build the new bridge by the over of the year.- 9- Someone ought to lớn give him a warning.- 10- We can use the garbage to make fertilizer.- 11-We must finish those maps by seven o’clock.- 12-She should send this present to lớn me immediately.- II-Change sentences into the present perfect passive:1-We have asked some friends of hers lớn join us.- 2-Henrry has already finished his composition.- 3-The messenger has just left a box of flowers for you.- 4-We have used cloth bags instaed of plastic bags recently.- 5-Women have worn long dresses this season for a long time.- 6-Mrs Brown has just finished the lecture recently.- 7-This woman has lost her handbag lately.- 8-Alice has already finished the report .- 9- The secretary has already typed these letters .- 10- The boys have played soccer since two o’clock.-