Unit 2: Personal Experiences Section: Reading


 *Knnowledge: After the lesson , Sts are going to lớn improve their reading skill as well as way to guess meaning of new words.

 *Skills: reading , speaking , listening

II.Method: Communicative approach

III.Teaching sida : pictures, posters, cards.



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LESSON PLANUNIT 2:PERSONAL EXPERIENCESSECTION:READINGI.Objective: *Knnowledge: After the lesson , Sts are going lớn improve their reading skill as well as way to lớn guess meaning of new words. *Skills: reading , speaking , listeningII.Method: Communicative approachIII.Teaching sida : pictures, posters, cards.IV.Procedure:Time nội dung T’s activities Sts’activities3’ 10’22’8’2’I.Warm-up: Ordering picturesUNIT 2- READINGII.Pre-reading: *Pre-teach vocabulary:embarrassing (adj) = confused (adj): lúng túng,bối rốito glance at: liếc nhìnsneaky (adj): lén lút,vụng trộmto make a fuss: làm ầm lên*Suggested questions:1.Who vày you think they are?2.Where are they?3.What are they doing?III.While-reading:**TASK 1: Gap-fillingAnswer key:1.glanced 4.idols 2.making a fuss 5.sneaky3.embarrassing**TASK 2: Ordering picturesAnswer key: d-b-f-e-a-c**TASK 3: Multiple choice + Lucky Stars 1.The girl wish lớn have______ when she was in grade 9. A.a new schoolbag b.a new shirt c.a red floppy hat d.a new bike2.Her father gave her some money on her birthday ________. A. To buy the hat she liked b. Lớn buy an ice-cream c. Lớn travel d. To lớn buy a new computer3.She saw _______ in the boy’s bag. A. An interesting picture book b. A beautiful pen c. A mobile phone d. A wad of dollar notes like hers4.She decided to lớn take the money from the boy’s bag without saying anything about it because________. A.she hated him. B.she didn’t want to make a fuss. C.she liked him. D.she didn’t want him lớn know.5.She bought ______ for herself with the money she took from the boy’s bag. A. The hat b. The shirt c.the book d.the dictionaryAnswer key:1c -2a -3d -4b -5aIV.Post-reading:*Suggested phrases:Put up a notice at the schoolboard / get on the same bus the next day and look fer the boy to lớn return the money lớn him / keep it as a secret / tell her father & ash him for advice **HOMEWORK: -Learn new words by heart. -Write a short paragraph khổng lồ summarize the story (about 100 words).-Gets Sts to lớn order the pictures,then guess what is happening with people in each picture.-Leads Sts to new lesson.-Follows the steps. -Reads twice as model.*Checking: Rub out & remember.-Gives Sts some questions ,then gets them to lớn work in pairs ðguess details in a story they are going khổng lồ read.-Asks Sts to read the story carefully,then bởi vì task 1.-Corrects.-Gets Sts to lớn work in pairs khổng lồ order the pictures about the story they’ve read.-Checks + corrects.-Divides Sts into 2 groups, asks them to play the game “Lucky stars” by answering the questions in task 3.-Gives clear instruction:answer 5 questions with 1 lucky star.-Gives marks + corrects ð tells which group is the winner.-In groups of four,asks Sts to find out the solution for the situation in the story using the prompts.-Listens + comments.-Gives tasks.-Listen-Work individually.-Give feedback.-Copy the title.-Observe.-Listen + repeat.-Copy-Pairworkðtalk about each picture.-Present in front of class.-Silent reading.-Do task 1 (p.24).-Compare the answers in pairs.-Write the words on the board. -Translate into Vietnamese.-Take notes.-Pairwork.-Give feedback.-Take notes.-Groupwork.-Join the game.-Listen-Each group choose the question+answer.-Take notes.-Groupworkð discuss the way khổng lồ solve this problem.-Each group presents.-Listen-Take notes.-